I am foremost a believer and follower of Jesus.  I have been blessed with an extraordinary husband (who just happens to have website design/building skills=free for me, woot!) and four sweet and sassy kids ranging in ages from 1 to 12.  Home is in the picturesque mountains of North Carolina (but I’m a beach girl at heart).  I love design, styling, home decor magazines and blogs, thrifting, shopping at Target (in the clearance aisles or endcaps), shopping anywhere really…but I love to do it all while spending very little money.    

This journey began approximately ten years ago when we bought our first home and needed some items to put in it.  I ventured out (on my own and with no previous experience) to some yard sales to achieve that goal.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

My love of thrifting grew into a passion for decorating/design with my finds in my home.  I gain knowledge involving anything to do with this field of work but I desire to also share what I have learned by helping others with their decorating needs.  

A gift and passion sweetly given by my Creator, He has recently started to provide a path for me to share what He has bestowed.  My goal with Epoch and all that it entails is to give glory to the One from whom it has been given. 

Epoch Picks and Finds

Epoch Picks and Finds

Buying.  Selling.  Thrifting.  Hunting.  Renting.
The Art of Fabuless

The Art of Fabuless

Interactive styling workshops providing tips and tricks on how to “shop” your own home and/or secondhand while also learning how to texture and layer to give your space that “pulled together, cozy” look.

Epoch Styling

Epoch Styling

Changing spaces of all kinds.

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